SomTel unveils Danan – a new caller ring back tone service

SOMTEL Subscribers can now select multiple ring-back tones depending on who is calling or what time they receive a call, this was revealed during a press conference held at the company Headquarters .
Speaking during the press conference SomTel head of marketing and sales Mr. Nassir Haji saleban Abdi accompanied by the Managing Director of SomTel Mr. Awil Salah and Mr. Farah Mohamed Elmi head of finance, said Danan allows SomTel users to preview new ring-back tones on the Web, upload their own voice clips, update their profiles, and perform other self-service activities.
Danan also plays a selected ring-back tone, added Mr. Nassir until the call is answered by called-Party, voice mail server or call expires, this new Caller Ring Back Tone Services is an innovative service giving SomTel mobile subscribers the ability to replace their standard ring-back tone with music clips, sound effects, jokes, news or personalized voice greeting.
Mr. Nassir added Danan ring-back tone services has an advanced content management system that includes service provisioning and personalization features, the fun element set apart, SomTel subscribers can now also set up custom voice greetings for each caller.
SomTel offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution that enables our customers to choose from a wide variety ring-back tone services, said the Managing Director of SomTel Mr. Awil Salah.
This kind of solution can be implemented according to the operator's legacy network and customer base size, easily scaling up as the SomTel customer base grows.
By Goth M Goth
June 12, 2012


2012-06-13 04:35:26 +0100