You Cannot Put a Fox To Be The Guard Of a sheep Coop,If You Want To have Any sheep left

SIILAANYO AND Dr.GABOOSE, And all other expected up coming Goverment members. Conducting a dangerous, Failure to maintain law and order while they are in a power before, failure to protect the rights of somaliland poeple,Deceiving the poeple and own opinion by uttering gross lies, Ignoring the over whelming public opinion of the Somaliland population against the power abuse and corruption.if you look back old days Muse was a minister,Siilanyo was a minister not one time, Gaboose was a minister,Mahamed hashi was a minister.Dear poeple we are residents of this Somaliland. Like co-passengers travelling together in a bus or train or whatever we are passing by in this Country together therefore we all are worried about its directions
As if in a dream,Siilanyo is at it again,now, this time, he is trying to rule Somaliland through the electoral process.Here was a man that ruled the part of country from 1969-1982 (somalia) he faild and Lack of progress in even attempting to repair the finances of established social programs is also a win for siilanyo side. SNM 1982-1990 through a military coup with nothing but failed and bankrupted ideas that took us in reverse rather than forward. Of all the people in the country,for Siilaanyo to rear his dubious and fake democratic credentials is not only insulting to the memories of those who have died in the cause of democratic ideals in Somaliland,it's also insulting to those of us living and still brething.
As we all know at the outset,I am very cognizant of the rights all free men and women living in a free society have, to contest for an elective office as long they meet the requirements set forth by the electoral process in such society.However, it is also the responsibility of the electorates to question credibility of aspirants that aspires to any elective office,most especially,when it's the leadership of a nation.I hope mr.Siilaanyo and his political plan under which he's trying to rule for the country is not the old one if he does we must stop him in his track,the man has too much baggage than baggage itself.
My dear people those who are touting Siilanyo experience must be suffering from historical and intellectual paralysis. No nation needs the type of experience Siilaanyo has for progress.I know there are some who are running after the man for their own selfish gains. Some of them have become nothing,but Siilanyo errand boys, old men with no shame.Apart from creation of more states, what else did he do when he was running the country like his property? And for heaven sake,why should there be a process of recycled leadership in a Nation that wants progress? Siilanyo was a dictator and he remains a dictator to the soul.
Mr.Siilaanyo,think for yourself rather than repeat the nonesense, your self esteem will never rise either you admited your failure or not. Dear poeple what good can come from a rattle snake?As we all know rattle snake's bite is venomous and one bitten before must learn not to be bitten again.Siilanyo ruled before and all his deeds while in leader are there for anyone to see. You cannot put a fox to be the guard of a cheap coop,if you want to have any chicken left! The evils that men do will forever live after them! Who killed his military leader ? how did Siilanyo run into wealth ? Siilanyo crime of annulling the 1995 confilect,is even enough to disqualify him from ever standing for any political office in the country.Not only did he throw the country into a political uncertainty,he also brought about the criminal regime of Siad bare when he refuse to support Abdirahman Tuur's goverment. Siilaanyo should wake up daily and ask for forgiveness for all his evil deeds.He was responsible for all lost lives and shattered hopes that resulted from the civil war nullification. I register my voice to say, hell no, to Siilaanyo and his aspiration to rule Somaliland! As we all know the man has too many rotten stinking skeletons to be a leader.
Lisen and look, those who are close friend or associates of Siilaanyo are not his true friends now and before.A true friend is one who tells you the honest truth, when the rest of the world tells you what you want to hear.A true friend is one that will never let a friend's name be soil in a stain of shame due to lying.The legacy they are trying to leave for Mr.Siilaanyo politically is surely not a kind one.No matter how long this political stagnation last,Mr.Siilaanyo will for ever be known as one,even without him been conscious of it,that refused to vacate a job he's neither physically nor mentally able to perform.That is not a good legacy of pride
Maxamed-Amiin Dahir Caynaanshe
Columbus ohio/Usa